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Hylian Shield by Korethi Hylian Shield :iconkorethi:Korethi 2 11 Portal Division by Korethi Portal Division :iconkorethi:Korethi 4,206 1,311
The Equilibrium
I cannot be as tired, or sick, or old.
That is alright. It doesn't matter to me.
The world is meaningless, but what is meaning
But a feeling that draws man toward endless suffering?
What is feeling but the ultimate lie?
Truth lies in the Equilibrium.
Sense is the greatest offense,
Whether in paint or what lies in the heart.
Lies are driven by desire.
Desire is more than a cardinal sin
Against the projected and constant peace
That the Father has kept for us.
Emotion is a lie.
In Libria we are always free,
Always knowing how each day we live,
Always knowing how each day we thrive.
Our song is the Father's words.
Our dance is our steps in the streets.
These are the rhythms, of those we take no joy.
In the Nether they will always be slaves
To the hope that things will return as they were.
They are unbridled with rage, with grief, with love,
With all the meanings that have torn our world apart.
They are shackled, believing they're right,
When all that they are is wrong.
I live in the truth.
:iconkorethi:Korethi 1 8
Coming to Earth by Korethi
Mature content
Coming to Earth :iconkorethi:Korethi 1 12
Alone Yet Loved
Korethi looked out over the sleepy town below him from the winding trail of stone steps that he sat upon, stockstill, silent, and tired. He was always tired these days, always looking for an excuse to be away from things, especially here, in this forgotten place, this town without a name. He called it Taiyu Town, which was derived from a word from his language that could not have more accurately described the town. Taiyu, forgotten, a word that he wished would once describe him. He wanted to be forgotten and unloved for once in his life. The curse that followed him would not permit it, however. This sleepy little town had been awoken by his coming. His coming had brought all of this misfortune to them. He wanted to just disappear right at this moment and drift far away where no one could ever find him. Misfortune, then, would have to target a path that was not aimed in his general direction. And the ones that he loved would no longer be hurt.
He absently fingered the eyepatch ov
:iconkorethi:Korethi 0 4
As we happily venture toward life and love
We fearfully tread on the path called death
And carefully watch in the days when it comes
To the windful flicker of a flame in our hearth.
The cycle of life always ends with the end
So why should Man be afraid?
Perhaps there are things that he has not yet done,
Perhaps there are debts to be paid,
Perhaps he must give one more last kiss,
Perhaps there are those to forgive,
And maybe perhaps there are times in his life
Where he has not yet quite lived.
:iconkorethi:Korethi 1 12
Mudkips by Korethi Mudkips :iconkorethi:Korethi 66 53
Perfect World
The ship sails upon the sea, the sea does not exist, and the ship is just a figment of your imagination...
Imagination rules life, because reality itself is defined by your mind
But what is reality but another's imagination?
Defined and re-defined by your senses and feelings
Senses and feelings are ruled by the mind and can be a lie, and no one knows what is lie and truth.
But what is a lie? Truth is conveyed in more than words, but are lies defined by your actions?
Lies are perceived by what we are afraid to admit and what we are thus afraid to do.
But our actions, are they true?
No one can understand truth, for truth is a lie.
And the lie is the truth. what else can be said? When everything is said and done...
…then we live in a perfect world after all.
:iconkorethi:Korethi 0 10
Rice Ball by Korethi Rice Ball :iconkorethi:Korethi 1 31
Mature content
Guide to Fighting the Undead :iconkorethi:Korethi 14 42
Freeze-Frame Transformation by Korethi Freeze-Frame Transformation :iconkorethi:Korethi 0 7 A Link to a Guitar by Korethi A Link to a Guitar :iconkorethi:Korethi 1 2 Miyadmock and the Moonlit Bar by Korethi Miyadmock and the Moonlit Bar :iconkorethi:Korethi 0 6 The Choice by Korethi
Mature content
The Choice :iconkorethi:Korethi 2 23
Blood Sacrifice by Korethi Blood Sacrifice :iconkorethi:Korethi 1 3
A Sunday Afternoon and A Now
I cannot look at her face, but I know that she is staring into mine, her intense red eyes trying to see into my shy, dark brown ones. They are baring a hole into my skull, but I let her: it doesn’t hurt me in the least. Even as I sit there avoiding her gaze, mouth an awkward frown, hands fidgeting as though I wanted to ask her something but I couldn’t work up the courage to do so. I actually did want to ask her something, and I knew that Kazumay knew that it was blatantly obvious that I wanted to ask her something. It was just really hard to ask her, and I know again that she is being polite and caring by not pressing into me to say anything until I’m ready to talk, but it’s been near an hour now and nothing has come out.
I mean, it’s not like I haven’t said it before to her, and I know the reaction that I’ll get for asking her this, but I feel a need to ask her yet again. I don’t know why, just a need.
“Kazu…I…Do you…love me?
:iconkorethi:Korethi 0 11


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Personal Quote: There is no book or teacher to give you the answers, to show you the way. Choose your own way!


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